Calm That ACK! Budget & Save Master Class

Calm That ACK! Budget & Save Master Class

Calm That ACK! Budget & Save Master Class

The struggle is real, so this course provides only genuinely useful tricks, tools, and ways of relating to money you can use immediately!

In the Calm That ACK! Budget and Save Money Master Class, you will learn frameworks and a really simple technique that can transform stress intro strategy! Then, we dive deep into saving, goals, and specific techniques on budgeting.

You’ll get the right amount of information and you can act on it today. Sign up today, while this course is still on sale, and you’ll get:

  • Over two hours of video content right away, online here.
  • An email with a full, 30-page toolkit & the slides!
  • A month-long weekly email course guiding you through the steps.
  • Extremely real talk, fun explanations of everything you need to know.
  • A progressive, creative, non-corporate compliant take on saving, budgeting, and money management.
  • BONUS: A custom budgeting template I use to co-create budgets with private clients.

Calm That ACK! has been taught publicly in NYC and across the US to hundreds of people: now it’s your chance to get this information today — immediately upon signing up, all modules are available.

Calm That ACK COURSE participants report:

I am so excited about having taken this step, and I’m noticing how much more aware and attentive I am to the money I’m spending every day. This course was a great way to get the support I needed to get my shit together, all in a way that aligns with my values, so thank you thank you thank you!””


“I just paid off my biggest credit card. I can’t believe it!”


  • 100% of participants take two or more positive actions, changing their finances for the better
  • 70% of participants take 5 or more positive actions less than one month after starting!
  • 80% create and start using a budget they can stick with.


Course Information

Estimated Time: 2.5 hours

Author Information

Hadassah DamienHadassah Damien

Get the Course & Immediately Calm that ACK!


Get access to every module and video right away + a month of emails + templates and a guide: sign up today!

Full Course + 1:1 Coaching Session to Calm that ACK!


First, you’ll get immediate access to this step-by-step framework. Then, get your specific situation questions answered and situation addressed in a 75-minute customized coaching session — save 20%!

Welcome & Course Materials

Tools for your mind

Why to save money – and how much to save

Budgeting – It’s Time to Do This!

Factor in Credit and Debt

Goals & Long-Term Planning

Your Next Three Steps

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