“It’s been so difficult to find someone who speaks the language of finance and holds the values we have here. We’re thrilled to bring you in.”

Annenberg Lab, USC

Whether I’m with a large tech company, progressive fiscal sponsor, university, cooperative, city agency, NGO, or a startup — I deliver experienced education from a progressive viewpoint, with intersectional cultural competency, and a DEI lens that engages participants with accessible and practical facilitated learning experiences.

Details below on what I offer:

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Brave Budget Transparency

Innovative Input and decision-making techniques for Salary sharing, Organizational Budgeting input processes, and group dynamics around shared finances. Engage your staff or Board with the numbers — without watching them fall asleep as you explain the budget. This half-day workshop can be delivered as a training for leadership or as a facilitated all-group process, and comes with a practicum follow-up.

Your Money and Your Social Impact Business

Cohort financial literacy training for progressive, intersectional groups with a focus on the personal and business finance concerns and needs of cultural workers, social impact entrepreneurs, and mission-driven businesses. Created for fiscal sponsors, foundations, schools, and organizations. Two-hour workshop with optional coaching for a limit of up to 15 participants, can be done remotely or in-person; comes with a workbook. 

Ethical Retirement?

A workshop for progressive org staff to address the intersection of political concerns with retirement account needs. This financial literacy and values-driven decision-making session is designed especially for people who are hesitant to invest due to worry about negative impacts of investing. Learn what you need to know and help your staff make impact-driven money plans for everyone’s future. Ensure you don’t leave behind your staff for whom retirement accounts address generational poverty AND stay mission-aligned. This two-hour workshop comes with a workbook, and is most successful when paired with facilitated leadership decision-making.

Saving for the Future When You’re Juggling the Present

For large companies, to increase diverse staff use of retirement benefits.The people on your staff most impacted by a lack of financial stability are those from marginalized socio-economic backgrounds – you can offer a massive value to these members of your team with a financial literacy training focused on issues blocking their use of company retirement benefits and introducing the idea of “Money and a Future”. This 90-minute workshop is intersectional, breaks down jargon, and is taught from both a DEI lens and from my experience as a financial coach, a LGBTQ woman from a working-class background, and technologist who’s worked in tech for years. It comes with a workbook.

Facilitated Processes & Retreats

Facilitating 30-person 3-day strategic planning

Designed experiences for groups to learn, connect, and define outcomes together.

  • Daylong, games-based team-building retreats (team building)
  • Multi-day strategic planning sessions (strategic planning)
  • Partial day objectives-driven workshops (product and service design)
  • Ongoing process design (governance, decisions)

Contact me to discuss what you are trying to accomplish, and we’ll determine what could help you get there.

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Executive and Entrepreneur Coaching

Entrepreneur & Leader coaching programs support you if you are trying to:

  • Create new, functional systems to manage the money in your business
  • Map out and test a path to financial sustainability and growth in your work
  • Create transparent, equity-driven policies and plans for your organization
  • Devise programs or budgets that intersect business with social impact
  • Decide between conflicting priorities with your limited time

To create a system, identify and implement a change, or solve a multi-faceted issue, you need to give yourself time to discover, identify solutions, test and implement, and review for progress.

In a coaching program, I’ll partner with you to problem slay in a customized four-session series designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, department leads, executives, and freelancers whose success is biting at your heels.

Facilitative Leadership Training: a modular coaching program for leaders to gain DEI, innovation, and facilitation skills. Learn to create inclusive teams with empathy, leverage your expertise where it matters, and lead collaboratively. 

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